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One family. Two sides. One war that shook the earth. Mahabharat tells the story of the Kuru race of Indian mythology. Unlike traditional mythology, it does not have clear black and white demarcations it has a significantly gray area. There is deceit, people lie and plan conspiracies to kill their own kin. And all of it for the throne of Hastinapur. The hundred Kauravas, led by Duryodhan and his uncle Shakuni, want to eliminate the five Pandavas but they are not easy to get rid of. Each of the five brothers has a power which together makes them invincible. They stand for dharma and moral righteousness. Things get uglier too soon to handle and all hell breaks loose when Duryodhan stoops to his lowest. Will he succeed in destroying the Pandavas? Whose side will the elders pick? How will five brothers beat an army much bigger than their own? Is it a win if the defeated is your own family?

River Comics