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How did one woman make hundreds of Englishmen lose sleep? How did she live life on her own terms in a country hammered to a pulp by close-fisted British politicians? How did she cut a swath through a nation of colonialist egos in the 1857 Rebellion? Retrace her steps. Go back to her roots. In 1835, when the sun was far from setting on the British Raj, she was born, she who rocked their treacherous, double-dealing setup in India. Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi showed signs of undying courage and acerbic wit right from her youngest years. She raced men on horses and beat them in fencing contests. She mustered armies out of local villagers, especially women. The ‘Warrior Queen of Jhansi’ series chronicles her evolution from a chirpy, little girl to the unparalleled warrior ruler of Jhansi, the venerated subject of heroic poetry.

River Comics